Selena and Justin Kiss-Kiss

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are very much in love and don't miss a chance to show their love for each other kissing everywhere, whether it is on the street, in a restaurant, in the club, at the mall or on the red carpet. Selena and Justin are attending another teen awards event showing everybody that they are a couple, holding hands and kissing constantly, being photographed by paparazzi and all the photographers while walking on the red carpet in elegant evening outfits.Selena is wearing a glamorous red cocktail dress created by a famous designer and red lipstick to match the evening dress.She is on the red carpet so her dress must be red as well and she has not too many accessories, just golden sparkling earrings assorted with a golden diamond bracelet. Justin is wearing a black trendy suit with black shirt and a black bow tie, but in order to match her girlfriend's Oscar outfit he decided to wear a red handkerchief in the suit's pocket. They look really nice together on the red carpet so it's now time for a new romantic kiss. Make Selena and Justin kiss without being caught by the paparazzi and pass all the levels. Enjoy!