Selena Gomez Cool Makeover

Selena Gomes is a great teen star, she is a cute and talented singer and actress, so she must look cool everytime and everywhere she goes. Today you are her personal make-up artist. Give Selena a new amazing makeover look: choose the perfect make up, hairstyle, clothes and accessories, combine them and create a cool look for the teen starlet. There are different hairstyles and hair colors that you can dye her hair with, you can even play with the color of her eyes, is't that awesome, girls! Choose a nice elegant dress, try all the earrings, necklaces and glasses on Selena, until you find the best combination and the most amazing and cool outfit for her to wear. You can even create more outfits and decide which outfit she should wear for which occasion, thus becoming her personal stylist. After you have her outfits ready on her, start with her make up. Selena must look gorgeous and her make up must be gorgeous as well. Use the make up kit that you have available and do Selena's make up for a complete and cool makeover. Use eye shadow, blush powder and lipstick to do Selena's make up and transform her into a beautiful diva. Enjoy!