Selena Gomez Date Rush

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are going to Hawaii for vacation. But when Justin comes to pick Selena up in the morning, she wakes up with no makeup! Please help her complete her makeup before Justin finds out! Help famous teen star Selena Gomez get ready for her date with Justin before he comes in to check on her. Make her look beautiful doing her makeup, hairstyling her hair, doing her nails, applying some beauty mask on her face, plucking her eyebrows, shaving her legs, ironing her outfit and last but not least perfuming her with her favorite fragrance, making her look and smell amazingly for her boyfriend, Justin. See how fast you can help her get that sansational look that she wants, as she doesn't want to be caught by Justin without looking like a teen diva that she is. Enjoy Selena Gomez Date Rush make up game!