SpongeBob And Patrick Babies 2


Have you ever wondered how SpongeBob and Patrick looked like when they were babies? I think they must have been very cute. In this SpongeBob And Patrick Babies game you have the chance to babysit them for a day. It is going to be so much fun because SpongeBob and Patrick are indeed the cutest babies in the world. You first have to wake them up and feed them with milk. If they start crying, it means that you have to change their diaper and make sure to rub baby lotion on their skin. If they start crying again, it mean that the annoying jelly fishes are bothering the babies again. Take the net and catch them, then find a toy for the babies to play with. If you make shampoo bubbles they are going to be happy again. Finally, it’s time for them to dress up and start the day. Have fun playing this new SpongeBob And Patrick Babies game!