Steal the Spotlight

Since competition there, on the red carpet, in front of all those blinding flashlights, is going to be fierce, this fabulous diva is counting on you to help her look stunning and outshine all her beauty queen rivals, you know. Get the steal the spotlight dress up game started and step into the shoes of a super talented celebrity fashion stylist! A wide designer gowns collection is waiting for you in this beauty goddess's dressing room, a mind blowing glamorous heels collection, too, not to mention all the resplendent jewels that you'll get to pick from in just a few seconds. Dress up our movie screen diva here with a sumptuous, tall collar gown, then see how a sophisticated black mermaid gown would highlight her beauty, then see whether a vintage, retro chic sequined evening dress would help her get all the attention there, on the red carpet. Once you've styled her up, once you've selected the perfect dress from all those dazzling ones available in the steal the spotlight dress up game, get ready for glaming her up, too. Some gorgeous diamond earrings, a bold diamond necklace, too, maybe and a glittery, preciously looking handbag are those little details that will help her get all the best reviews from all those fashion critiques scanning her entire look. They will not loose the chance of focusing on her stunning heels, too. So, whether you'll pick some dazzling sequined red ones or some elegant pi toe ones, while going through the awesome shoe collection that you have, make sure they pair perfectly with her entire stylish outfit. Don't think that your hard work as a fashion stylist stops here. There still is one more difficult decision to make, while playing the steal the spotlight dress up game, that of the perfect hairdo, too. Should she go for some retro wavy looks or maybe for a more ladylike, sophisticated updo instead? Seize the chance of experiencing a little bit of all that Hollywood glamor and high class style playing the Steal the Spotlight dress up game!