Stylin Robecca Steam

Robecca is a girly ghoul and her main style is steam punk. She likes a more old fashion emo look, with her love of leather and accessories of metal. Help her dress up for a day at Monster High school, turning her into a chic fashionista. Have a peek in her stylish and fancy emo-punk closet and discover what stunning clothes and accessories lie in there. Try all the lovely dresses, tops, overtops, skirts, heels and accessories on Robecca and style her up with lots of outfits that she can wear in the Monster High city, while at school or while out with her Monster High bffs. Turn into her personal fashion stylist and prove Robecca and the other Monster High divas what an excellent and talented stylist you are and don't forget to style up her hair as well. Have a great time Stylin' Robecca Steam!