Stylish Nail Arts

Design the perfect manicure by using your creative skills to make any kind of designs and colors that you want. Paint the girl's nails with stripes, dots or stars and give her any color you fancy. Accessorize the hands with some awesome jewelries, like rings and bracelets, and a cool tattoo. Design stylish nails using all the nail polish colors and patterns, the rings, bracelets and hand tattoos, which will give a cooler look to the nails. The art of styling up your nails can be easy and fun playing this Stylish Nail Arts make up game! Show your friends what a great manicurist you are creating lots of stylish nail designs, thus you can have fun practicing your nail designer skills. Nails are important body accessories and knowing how to make them look stylish and fashionable is now a dream come true. Enjoy Stylish Nail Arts make up game!