Stylish Office Makeover

Emily is a stylish girly girl who has been dreaming of finding the perfect job working in an office ever since she was in high school and now she is very excited that she has finally got it. She has just graduated from college and was lucky to find this amazing office job, working for an important corporation. An office job in a big company requires a stylish office attire, which implies elegant clothes, clean hair style, chic accessories and, last but not least, stylish make up. Help pretty Emily get a Stylish Office Makeover for her first day at her new office job, so that she can make a good impression on her superiors and co-workers. She is a fashionable and trendy girl, she fancies the classic chic style, so I'm sure that giving her the perfect stylish office makeover will be a real delight for you, girls! Check out Emily's wardrobe made up of elegant dresses, tops and skirts, trendy glasses, classic pearl necklaces, glamorous earrings and her cool make up kit where you will find all the must have make up items of a girl: nail polish, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, blush, glossy lipstick and eyelenses for a cooler effect, all in fabulous bright colors. Stun the girl with your amazing make up artist skills and begin her stylish office transformation by doing her make up first, then style her hair and dress her in a smart office outfit, matching the chothes with the right accessories. Give Emily a gorgeous Stylish Office Makeover for her first day at work! Enjoy!