Summer Fashion Show

You are a famous fashion designer and you present a new summer collection, so you must get ready for the important fashion show designing your summer fashion collection. Choose the trendiest summer looks for the fashion model to present in the show. Check out the chic summer clothes and accessories, stylish makeup and hairdos, mix and match the tops, bottoms, heels and accessories and design lots of chic and hot summer outfits for the runway model to present on the cat walk. Choose a different hairstyle for each outfit that you create and a new make up as well. Dress the girl in a gorgeous summer dress and heels, assorted with a trendy summer hat and purse, or in a fancy top and mini skirt. Design the summer outfits for your summer fashion show, have the beautiful model present all of them on the runway and impress all the celebrities in the audience with your designer creations. Have fun!