Summer Fruit Salad

Just imagine an explosion of bright, vivid colors, a yummy cocktail of vivid green kiwis, bright red strawberries, juicy blueberries and tasty, brightly colored slices of oranges, in one lovely looking cup, served with a tasty, refreshing summer drink. Now, how about bringing this dream treat from the imaginary world into the online world getting the summer fruit salad decoration game started and putting together a multicolored, yummy fruity mix, a true delight for your senses during the hot season! Pay attention to the small, but so very important details once you get this my fruit cup cooking game started! For example, how should the cup look like? What design and color would make your salad look even more eye tempting? Next, it's time for the big decision: selecting the mouth-watering fruity mix that will fill in your cup. Whether you're a huge berry fan or you're rather crazy about tropical fruits, feel free to pick the summer fruit salad mix that instantly makes your mouth water! Now, how about enriching its flavor with a yummy topping, too? Decide upon its flavor, too, its flavor and its gorgeous color, of course. It can be chocolate or fruity flavored, as you can see digging through the yummy topping collection available in the summer fruit salad decoration game, you can add whipped cream or tasty sprinkles on top, there are so many hard decisions to take when it comes to creating the ultimate summer fruity delish! Hmm, now what do you think, what type of drink would best team up with your salad's divine taste: a tasty summer smoothie or rather a refreshing summer cocktail? Enjoy Summer Fruit Salad funny game!