Summer Style 2

If you are playing this game during the coldest months of winter, someone on the other side of the world is playing it on a warm summer day! Dress up the fun loving summer girl for a trip to the beach where she'll go surfing and have lots of sun tanning and swimming in the beautiful ocean water. She has gorgeous summer chothes and swim suits to put on in her summer wardrobe so have a look at the brightly colored summer tops, vests, t-shirts, denim overalls, chic skirts, denim shorts, swimming tops and bottow and surfing suits! She also has surfing boards, beach bags, beach hats for the hot sun and gorgeous designer sunglasses, as well as chic beach roman sandals and beach flip-flops. Dress the surf girl in a pretty summer outfit as she wants to hit the beach today and enjoy the sun, the beach, the sand and the awesome waves, so have a surfing suit ready for her as well in case she decides to go surfing, not just swimming and sun bathing. Choose a bigger beach bag in this case so that she can carry the surfing surf, the beach towels, the sun tan lotions and a bottle of water in it. You can also choose som cool summer bracelets, surfer chains and earrings for her to make her look stylish and fashionable in her summer outfit. Have fun!