Super Barbie Resurrection Emergency


Super Barbie has suffered a terrible accident while she was on a dangerous world saving mission. She has had a difficult surgery and her doctor has been by her side the entire time. But as she was resting after, Super Barbie slipped into a coma. Now it is up to you and the doctor to resurrect her! Help her out! First, Barbie needs some oxygen, so the doctor should keep an oxygen mask on her face. Then she has to push her chest so she can get Barbie's heart beating again. If it doesn't work, she needs to use electric shock, which is more powerful. Remember to put a cream on the machine before you use it. The resurrection worked and Super Barbie has opened her eyes again. Give her perfusion to ensure she receives all the nutrients her body needs to stay healthy, a pill to number her pain and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Have a great time playing Super Barbie Resurrection Emergency!