Super Barbie Summer Plan


Super Barbie is so ready for summer! It is her favorite season of all and she is already getting ready for it, because saving the world takes a lot of panning ahead. If you love summer and if Super Barbie is your favorite superhero, come play our new and fun game called Super Barbie Summer Plan. First of all, Super Barbie is going to have to change her makeup to a more summer-appropriate one so go ahead and start by taking care of all the blemishes and skin problems by applying face masks and by giving her face a good wash. Once her face is all cleaned up, go ahead and apply cute, colorful makeup, perfect for summer! When you are happy with her makeup, move on to the next stage of the game and pick some delicious, healthy summer foods for her to get her energy form. Set the table really nicely and decorate it with beautiful flowers. Finally, go ahead and design the most beautiful outfit for her. You will have a lot if outfits and items to choose from so try them all on and create the outfit. Accessorize it to perfection and the look is done! Have fun playing our new and fun game called Super Barbie Summer Plan!