Surprise Party Outfit


Hey girls, do you like surprise birthday parties? It's not easy to organize one, especially if you don't want the celebrated loved one to find out. Alice's friends have managed to organize the perfect Surprise Party for Alice. She had no idea about what's going to happen. Alice was getting ready to go out in town with her friends for her birthday but at noon when she walked out in the backyard everyone was waiting for her. Balloons, flowers and presents everywhere, the table was already sat and all her friends were waiting to greet her. You can imagine her surprise! But as Alice was caught unprepared, she needs to hurry up and find the right party outfit. Alice needs to look perfect and you need to help her. This is why you have to style up her hair really quick, then you need to look inside her wardrobe and fin a chic party dress. Have a really great time playing this new Surprise Party game!