Sweet Manicure

Have your nails done for the cold season and embrace winter with cool sweet nails so that the cold weather won't damage them. Learn how to get a gorgeous sweet manicure with this nails make up game and be the most trendiest girl at school with the new nails that you will get after playing this game. Check out the latest manicure trends and the nail colors and accessories that are in fashion for this season and create gorgeous nails in tone with the latest style and fashion. Choose the nail length and shape that you fancy the most and the nail polish that you like the best from all the trendy nail colors, you can even have more nail colors on your finger nails. Use beautiful accessories and prints to get fashionable and cool looks for your nails, like flowers, diamonds or beads. There are cute prints as well if you don't want a simple manicure, but rather a more sophisticated and colorful one, like strawberry prints or pink heart prints. Start doing the manicure and come up with sweet looking nails, for a strong and colorful impression. Have fun creating sweet nails!