Sweet Style


This girl is very pretty and kind and she wants her look to reflect her personality, so let's try a sweet style! Start with her make-up and use very bright and pastel colors. Choose foundation, define her eyebrows and apply eye shadow, mascara, contact lenses, blush and lipstick. Style her hair with curls or ponytails. You can choose for her a lovely yellow dress with ruffles on the bottom, a long necklace and a hat. You can also get a nice pink top with short puff sleeves and a thick belt in the same shade and a nice white skirt and match them with a handbag with a fluffy puppy print and a pair of earrings. You can also choose a black and white striped t-shirt, a ruffled green dress and a big green bow in her hair. Mix and match everything to find other fun and sweet combinations. Have a wonderful time!