The Story Of Hansel And Gretel


One of the best fairytales of our childhood was The Story Of Hansel And Gretel and now you get to take part in it in this exciting game! The story begins with Hansel and Gretel living with their father and the stepmother. They were poor and the land was hit by dearth, so their stepmother convinced their dad to leave them out in the woods. The forest is filled with dangers, mostly fierce wolves. Help the children find their way through the maze and avoid the dangerous creatures until they get out to safety. In the end, they reach an old house made entirely out of sweet candy and gingerbread. How delicious! The kids are starving, so you can help them eat as much as possible. But what they didn't know is that an evil witch lived in the house and she caught the both of them. She dressed them both up like puppets and then she trapped Hansel in a cage, leaving Gretel out to do housework. Help Gretel find the keys to the lock and let Hansel out, without getting caught by the witch. Then put a sleeping potion in her tea and escape! Good luck!