Tom Wedding Day


Talking Tom is soon to be married in this Tom Wedding Day game with Angela, the love of his life. While she is busy with the wedding preparations, Tom has only one thing to do. He needs to go and pick up his wedding suit. Angela decided to let him choose the suit and Tom wants to impress her and make the right choice, but once arrived at the shop Tom simply cannot decide upon which suit to buy. He made such a mess in the dressing room while trying out different suits shoes, bows and ties. He better clean up and arrange everything as it was before the shop assistant gets back there. But you knows how clumsy can guys get, and poor Tom is clueless and lost. Help him put the suits back into the closet and arrange the shoes on the shelves. You also better help Top choose the right suit for the wedding, because if not, Angela might have an unpleasant surprise. Help Tom be the most handsome groom in this new Tom Wedding Day game!