Toto's Garden Cafe

Word has spread that Toto is a great manager. So it's no wonder that he's opening a new place. He's now adding to his impressive restaurant chain the first garden cafe that gathers all the cool people in town. You can expect to find your friends and acquaintances here, as this place is the coolest place and everybody wants to linger at Toto's Garden Cafe. So make sure you make a reservation to get a table and be a part of this sensation. You'll really like this place, as Toto has redecorated it and he has managed to create the greatest environment for a cool garden cafe place which you'll hopefully be visiting more often from now on. Help Toto manage his new garden cafe by getting all the orders ready in time for all the clients, making them happy and satisfied with your waiting and with the services from Toto's Garden Cafe. Enjoy this management game!