Valentine Manga Maker


Girls, Amy and Tim are going on a romantic dinner date for Valentine's Day. They both need to prep for the happy event and you can help them. Start the great game called Valentine Manga Maker and check out the great selection of clothes, accessories and hairstyles, which are perfect for this romantic day. The prep begins with cute Amy and you can choose for her a new eye color, and a beautiful hairstyle. Try some bangs, which are very sassy, and a loose curls hairstyle, because it's perfect for such an event. Next, pick a great pink outfit and a nice glitzy necklace to accessorize. In Valentine Manga Maker you can also choose a great outfit for the boy. Try a great hairstyle for Tim and a very fun white shirt and blue blazer. A nice red hat is very chic and the look is done. Enjoy the Valentine Manga Maker game!