Vi And Va Sweet 16


Girls, we have a great new game for you with two gorgeous sisters. Viviana and Valentina are two great girls and they want to celebrate their sixteen birthday together, because they have planned the most fabulous party. Vi and Va need to get ready for the fun event and you can help them! The party prep starts with the gorgeous Vi and she will need a fabulous makeup. Apply a purple shade of lipstick, fill her eyebrows with a brown color, apply a light peach shade of blush on her cheeks and a nice green shade of eye liner. To make her eyes stand out you can choose a very cute shade of green for her hazel eyes. In Vi And Va Sweet 16 you can continue with Vi's dress selection. Vi is a true fashionista and the best choice for her would be a very cute dress with orange bodice and a green skirt. Match with a pair of sandals and a cute pair of earrings. Vi looks fabulous and you can choose something equally stunning for her great sister Va. In Vi And Va Sweet 16 you can choose for Va gorgeous pink dress with a matching purse. Have fun playing Vi And Va Sweet 16!