Walking The Pig In The Rain

Most of my friends have pets at home so I decided to get myself a pet as well. My pet is a bit unusual for a pet, as it is not a dog, a cat, a fish or a bird, but a pig. I am so have to have a pig as my pet and my pig is so cute that it makes me smile every day. I like walking with my pig on the street or round the house. I am walking my pig a few times every day, no matter if it rains, it is windy or it snows. I am walking my pig in the rain today as well and I need to dress up appropriately for a rainy day. Help me dress up in pretty casual street outfits for a cute little girl like me and have fun with me walking the pig in the rain. I need a pretty rain coat and an umbrella for myself and a cute rain coat for my pig as well. Enjoy walking the pig in the rain!