Warrior Princess Real Haircuts


Girls, cute Mulan is one of the bravest Disney heroine. She loves to help out the people who are close to her. It would be great if you could help her create a nice look for her, especially today, when she is having a bad hair day. In the game called Mulan Real Haircuts you can begin creating a new look for her starting with the cutest hairdo possible. You will need to brush her hair before giving her a new hairstyle. You can cut it shorter with the scissors and curl it. You can also try a straight hair if you prefer it. In Mulan Real Haircuts you will need to apply hair dye as well and you can choose from many colors such as green, orange, blue, purple or black. Apply is on the hair with a spray and then create a new outfit. Enjoy playing this fun new hairstyle game called Mulan Real Haircuts!