Watch Designer Rivalry


Choose 2 outfits and make a watch in this new and cute game called Watch Designer Rivalry. Making a watch and being cute and fashionable it's not an easy job. 2 Girls who are watch designers try to come up with the best watch on the market and they do this while being cute, which is a really hard job. Everybody knows that being in fashion and dressing cute takes up a lot of time, and that watch building takes an even longer amount of time. But this two girls have mastered it both: They are cute, they have really nice clothes and they make the best watches around. Take your time dressing them in the best outfits you could come up with. After they look gorgeous its time to start building a watch. Choose the watch strap, the rim and the numbers. Customize your whats however you like and make it look cute and fancy, just like the girls. Have fun combining their look with the design of the watch!