Water Lily Fairy

In the magic forest there is a enchanted lake with beautiful, graceful Water Lilies. If you look very closely at Water Lilies, you may just catch a glimpse of Lily, one of the most shy of all the fairies. She wears a lovely petal skirt to blend in with the flower of her namesake. She was cursed by a mean witch to appear only at night time. And each time she appears, she's a delight for the eyes. To escape the curse she needs to be found by the Prince of Forest who could save her from the beautiful prison. In order to find her, she must dress as colorful as she can, to put on sheer wings and cute, curly feelers. Because it's so dark, she sometimes mixes things up. Help her find the most beautiful outfit. Choose from twirly skirts, cute tops and incredible dresses. The perfect touch are the sparkly wings. With these she could escape from the lake. Lets dress up this fairy girl! And hope that The Prince will notice the colorful bright spot in the Water Lilies.