Zendaya Fashion

Zendaya is a 15 year old teen actress, singer and dancer, best known to kids and teen girls for her role as Rocky Blue in the popular children's TV series 'Shake It Up'. Zendaya has a great personality, she is always happy and smiling and in love with dancing and singing, which is very typical for a teenage girl. She also has her own fashion style characterizing her outbursting personality, which is age appropriate, colorful, lively, girly, casual mostly, sometimes chic elegant, depending on the occasion, with lots of layers of clothes and lots of accessories. Zendaya has a new fashion collection that she wants to share with you girls, her fans, in this awesome Zendaya Fashion dress up game, consisting of amazing clothes and accessories which she is eager to wear, so that she can rock the dance floor again, together with her BFF Bella Thorne. Become Zendaya's personal stylist and dress her in super cool casual outfits for another dancing round on the dance floor. Have a look at her new clothes, made up of cute under tops, tops, t-shirts, vests, jackets, skirts, ripped skinny jeans and leggings, in lovely and youthful colors, check out her trendy sneakers and boots, and start playing with them, creating lots of combinations for Zendaya to try on. Zendaya is crazy about accessories, she likes wearing lots of bracelets, chains and earrings, she also likes wearing fashionable hats, bags, sunglasses, headphones, IPods or IPads. Dress Zendaya in lots of casual trendy outfits and don't forget to accessorise her for a cooler look. Enjoy!