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The Smurfs are organizing a party and it should be the most epic one till today. You should dress this Smurf to be the best looking one so he will be admired by Smurfette and maybe she will fall in love with him. He really likes her so you need to make sure he makes a good impression on her so she will notice his dandy good looks. Click on the items to discover all the clothes and accessories the smurf has in his wardrobe and start dressing him for the party that he is going to go today. He's got all sorts of clothes in his wardrobe, like colorful t-shirts, shirts, pants, hats, chains, cool sunglasses, gloves, super hot sneakers, a guitar and other objects which he wants to take with him, but he want your stylist skills to be used so that you will put together an amazing party outfit for our smurf to impress the smurf girls at the party, as he really needs to get himself a girlfriend since Valentine's Day is drawing closer and he does not want to be alone for this occasion this year. So dress the smurf in cool smurf outfits for his party. Have fun!