10 Going On 25


Ellie is 10 Going On 25 and you can join her in an epic adventure where she gets to test all the lovel perks of being a grown up for one day! Ellie is 10 years old loves testing mom's make-up products, but one day her mother saw her and wanted to scold her. Ellie tried to run away, but she tripped and fell and knocked her head. Then she woke up and discovered that she was a 25 years old young woman. Almost immediately she received a call from a friend asking her out to a party. So now you really get to help her get ready with a fun makeover! Start with a beauty facial treatment and apply cleanser, use a steamer, define her eyebrows and complete with a rejuvenating face mask. Then apply lipstick and eye shadow for her make-up and find the perfect outfit. How will the story end? Play this fun game to find out!