4th of July Cake Surprise


Hello girls! We have a fun new Enjoydressup game and I am sure you will absolutely love it! It's called 4th of July Cake Surprise and it celebrates, as you might have guessed, America's Independence Day! This is a very important celebration and some of the favorite activities on this day are colorful carnivals, fairs, concerts and great fireworks. In our amazing game you will have three amazing tasks to do in the spirit of the Independence Day. The first task will require all your creative skill, as it is a fun coloring one and you will have amazing bright colored pencils to use and color the I Love USA sign. I am sure you will do a great job in your first task from this great game called 4th of July Cake Surprise! The second task is a challenging one, you will have to find 4th of July themed items hidden in a lovely park. A celebration always requires a delicious cake and a surprise one is even more exciting. Decorating a surprise cake is not easy, but I am sure you will do a great job decorating this cake in the spirit of 4th of July! Have fun playing this wonderful new game:  4th of July Cake Surprise!