60's Poster Girl


The 60's represented a real explosion of different fashion and style influences, one funkier than the other. It was the age of the mini-skirts, hippie movement, and of course, the Beatles. The accessories lost ground in the 60's, but the outfits' colors and patterns gained more ground than ever before through the new psychedelic patterns of the time. In our latest makeover game, you will get the chance to mix and match the fantastic 60's outfits with the funky hairstyles and the unique accessories. But before getting to that part, you will firstly get to give her a full pampering facial treatment that will make this cover girl's skin look gorgeous and radiant. You will play with the different exclusive beauty products that are available. After her complexion looks fantastic, you will also get to choose a 60's specific hairstyle and some beautiful clothes that will make her look like she's taken from the cover of some fashion magazine. To complete her 60's look, just pick some pretty little accessories that will give and extra 60's touch to her outfit. Enjoy playing our latest Enjoydressup.com game called '60's cover girl in which you will give this beautiful lady a full makeover!