A Little Van Gogh


This baby is A Little Van Gogh because she is very talented at painting so you can help her get the perfect painter look! Start with a very cute and curly hairstyle and then dress her up in a comfy and very colorful hoodie or t-shirt with a teddy bear print. You can also choose denim overalls over a white t-shirt, with seems to be a classic outfit for painters. Or maybe you can just go with a warm and cozy sweater. She definitely needs a scarf around her neck, you cannot imagine a painter with a scarf, right? A cute hat will complete her look, and try to find a nice beret to really embody the artist. But we're not done, because she also needs some tools. Choose some paintbrushes, a palette of colors and different papers. Try to help with the direction of her painting on the canvas as well. Enjoy!