Addicted To Dessert: English Trifle


Hey girls, have you ever tasted a traditional English trifle? It is the best dessert in the world and so easy to prepare. Play this new cooking game called Addicted To Dessert: English Trifle and learn how to prepare the most delicious dessert! You are practically going to prepare a cake in a trifle bowl. The English trifle is an elegant looking layered cake in a bowl and you can add different kind of layers, such as cake, chocolate mousse, fruits, vanilla pastry cream, whipped cream, nuts and chocolate chips. First you need to bake the cake and then you have to mix the whipped cream and the pastry cream. Once everything is prepared, you can start layering and you can pick any kind of fruits. Add sprinkles and decorate the trifle once you finished layering the ingredients. Have a really great time playing this game called Addicted To Dessert: English Trifle!