Addicted To Dessert: Turkish Delight Cake


Hey girls, do you like cooking? Today you could learn to prepare a special desserts, and we can all agree that everyone loves cakes! Play this new Addicted To Dessert: Turkish Delight Cake to have fun preparing this delicious cake, and go to the kitchen right away to get started. Do you like Turkish delight? It's one of the best sweets in the world and that's what we are going to use, to make this delicious cake. You will have to pay attention to the instructions, so mix the ingredients accordingly. If you fallow the instructions nothing can go wrong and you don't have to be a great cook, in order to prepare this delicious cake. The most fun part is the decoration part. You have to make beautiful pink rose decorations and add different sprinkles on the top of the cake. Have a really great time playing Addicted To Dessert: Turkish Delight Cake!