Addicted to Desserts: Winter Cupcakes


Do you have a sweet tooth? Of course you do! Desserts are the best, especially when they are as pretty as they are sweet. If you're anything like me, you love baking them as much as you love eating them. Baking is fun and the results are always delicious. So if you love baking you will love our game, Addicted to Desserts: Winter Cupcakes. Indeed, cupcakes are the cutest of desserts and they give you the added bonus of being able to decorate them with colorful frosting and beautiful sprinkles. Our game allows you to both cook and decorate your cupcakes so start by mixing all of the ingredients together and then put your batter in the oven so your cupcakes will be nice and fluffy. After you're done baking them that's when even more fun begins. Choose your favorite color for the frosting then move on to choosing which sprinkles to put on top of your cupcakes. You will get beautiful results no matter what so go on and try as many combinations as you can. Our Addicted to desserts: Winter Cupcakes is sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth!