African Spa Day


Relax, get spoiled, de-stress - let's face it ladies!- we have more than enough reasons to visit an exclusive spa once in a while and indulge our senses. Sometimes the daily routine can be unbearable and a spa treat sounds so appealing! There is this place where all you have to do is relax and let others make sure that you feel and look fabulous. Today we will take you to that place: an intimate exclusive spa in Africa where you will be treated like a royalty by a team of world-class experts. Time to let yourself be spoiled ladies! In your African spa day you will enjoy a relaxing facial treatment with the best regenerating masks and traditional therapies. Then you will enjoy an amazing massage with colorful oils, flower petals and hot stones. I bet you will want to stay there forever! Another special spa treatment is available for you: a traditional African pedicure that includes fish spa therapy and a henna tattoo session. That sure sounds like fun! You will definitely leave the spa feeling relaxed, happy, beautiful and empowered. Last but not the least, your African spa day wouldn't be complete without a full makeover. Choose from the chic African-inspired outfits that we have prepared for you the one that you like the most! A pair of lovely sandals, a professional make up and a cool hairdo might just make your day! Get pampered from head to toe in our new awesome game called African Spa Day!