After Sun Body Wrap


Hey girls! Cute Amy was soaking up the sun and she got burned on her face and back. She will need to go to the spa for a treatment and a great healing experience. Start the game called After Sun Body Wrap and help the gorgeous girl. You can wrap her body in a mask to calm the sun burns. Use soap to wash her face and apply a aloe vera based lotion. Finish with a moisturizing mask and then give her a relaxing massage on her back by using different techniques. In After Sun Body Wrap you can move on to the next step, which is to apply a great makeup. Try the great pink eye shadow and black mascara. Add a nice blush on the cheeks and a cute red lipstick color on the lips. For the outfit try a very nice orange top and a cute pair of blue shorts. Add a nice purse and a pair of fun sun glasses. Enjoy After Sun Body Wrap!