Alical And Bradley Seaside Salon


Play Alical And Bradley Seaside Salon here on Enjoydressup and give this beautiful couple the most amazing spa treatments! Alical and Bradley have decided to spend their holiday at the beach and the resort where they have been staying in has the most amazing spa! They have decided to each get a treatment. Alical really wanted a massage while her boyfriend Bradley chose to have a facial treatment. Help them get their treatments and start with Alical. Apply lotions and massage her back to make her feel relaxed and great. For Bradley, apply a great face mask, treat his acne and give him a great hairstyle. When you are done with the both of them go ahead and dress them up for a day at the beach. Choose cute outfits for Alical and Bradley and add great accessories to make their day at the beach great! Have fun with this game here on Enjoydressup.