Alice Back From Wonderland


Cute Alice was enjoying a great summer day, reading one of her favorite books, at the shadow of an old tree. The rabbit appears in a hurry and entered a tree cave. Alice decided to follow him inside and learn why he is such a hurry in this great day. Start the very fun adventure game called Alice Back From Wonderland and discover all of the hidden challenges. Alice will need to collect 500 golden keys in the first level and you need to help her by guiding her fall. Avoid obstacles and collect the keys as fast as you can in order for Alice to advance in her adventure. After this great quest, Alice is all messy, so help her look her best once again. In Alice Back From Wonderland you can use the tweezers to remove the pieces of cards, clocks and cups from her hair and dress. Use a soft towel to remove the dirt from her arms and face and bandage her wounds to prevent infections. Use a needle and thread to sew her dress and comb her hair to untangle it and make it shiny. In Alice Back From Wonderland the last step is to find the secret cookie to get back home. Enjoy Alice Back From Wonderland!