Angela Room Prep


Talking want's to throw a PJ party and she needs to get ready for it. But her room is quite messy and she needs to clean it up fast, before her best friends arrive. Play this new game called Angela Room Prep to help her out. She has all kind of decorations and objects on the floor or thrown on the bed and sofa. Pick them up to make room for cleaning. You need to find different items while cleaning. Take the broom and clean the floor, get rid of the spider webs from the wall and fix the walls. Use the cleaner to wash the windows and the rest of the surfaces, then dust the furniture. Angela's room is quite a mess, it seems like she's been throwing many parties lately, or who knows, maybe Tom and Ginger. Even her laptop screen is broken. Once you cleaned the room, it’s time to put everything back to the right place and decorate it. Have a really great time playing Angela Room Prep!