Angry Birds Meet Red Nurse


The evil piggy stole the bird's egg and so it became an angry bird. While the piggy was running away, she got an idea. She installed a huge sling in the ground and used it to throw itself at the big. The bird was successful and retrieved the egg, but now both the angry bird and the pig need medical assistance. The pig can help the bird by removing the twigs and leafs from its feathers and the you can give the bird a bath and wash it with shampoo. Wash the egg as well and then the pig will wipe them dry with a clean towel. Place the egg in a safe place and then brush the bird's teeth, groom its feathers, and let it relax under an umbrella under the sun. Just make sure it has sunglasses. The pig can also give the bird a massage. Finally you can dress up the now not so angry bird. Good luck!