Apple White Real Makeover


Apple White is in desperate need of a makeover! She has been really busy and she has had no time to take care of herself lately. Now she finally found a day to herself and she wants to take full advantage of it! Play Apple White Real Makeover and help Apple White get the treatment she deserves. Start with a spa treatment and apply face masks and face treatments and creams to help her get her complexion to look fabulous. Next, pluck her eyebrows and treat her pimples. When you are done with the spa part, go on to the makeup part. Choose wonderful and vibrant colors for her makeup and help her look fabulous. The dressup part is the final part. Choose a hairstyle, a beautiful gown, a nice purse and beautiful accessories to complete the transformation. Now Apple White look incredible and it’s all thanks to you! If you enjoyed Apple White Real Makeover play more great games like this one!