Apple White's Baby Dragon


Hey girls! If you love the show Ever After High we have an amazing new  game for you called Apple White's Baby Dragon. In this wonderful and fun game, Apple White's magical dragon egg has hatched to reveal her cute, new baby dragon. We all know how dragons are majestic, magical creatures and Apple White's is no different. She is anxious to find out what magic powers her dragon holds so we thought you might have fun helping her discover them. Play this beautiful game and one by one, discover the powers of the dragon by mixing together four items at a time to create a potion. You will have a frog, a key, books, a mirror, roses and apples and also things like slugs, a sock or a broken clock and many more. Mix four at a time and unlock the powers of the dragon. Use your imagination and pair the ingredients as creatively as possible. Have a lot of fun playing our new game called Apple White's Baby Dragon and find more fun games here on our website!