April Fools Dentist

Hey girls! Are you ready to have some April Fools Day fun? I am sure you do especially when you hear what it is about. I want you to meet Mary, an outgoing girl who absolutely loves to have unconventional fun. Today she is going to the dentist to have an extreme transformation of her smile. You too have to use your dentist skills to fool around with Mary's teeth for the sake of April Fools Day. Are you ready? Let's tart then! The first thing you have to do is pull out maximum 4 teeth and then grind the teeth to look as weird as you can think of. The next step into getting an absolutely twisted smile is to drill cavities on every tooth and also give the teeth the shape that you want them to have using the dental instruments further on. Next, color the teeth as you like and decorate them. Enjoy April Fools Dentist!