Ariel and Anna Pregnant BFFs


Ariel and Elsa are best friends and that means that they usually share everything. They get along perfectly and they do everything together and that means that they are now pregnant at the same time. This is a lovely thing because they get to share the joys of having a baby at the same time and they can also help eachother through this happy but sometimes difficult times. Ariel and Anna Pregnant BFFs is a new game that you will surely love! Help Ariel and Anna eat healthy and make sure that they take all of their vitamins in order for their babies to be happy and healthy. Feed them plenty of fruit because apart from being tasty, fruits are super healthy! They also need to take a vitamin pill so make sure they take it, too! Play some music for their babies, this helps them be relaxed and happy. After you are done, move on the the dressup part and make them feel and look pretty by dressing them in the prettiest dresses and make them glow with the help of cute accessories. Play more games like this and have a blast!