Ariel Burger Maker


Play Ariel Burger Maker and help this mermaid princess shop and cook a delicious meal for her and her friends! Ariel is just discovering the pleasures of the world above the sea and great burgers are one of them. So help her go shopping and buy all the ingredients she needs to make a savory burger and then help her cook it when she comes home. Start the prep part by slicing the tomato, onion and break the leafs off the lettuce. Then put a pan on the stove and cook the meat patty in it. Make sure you turn it on both sides so it cooks evenly. Take a bun and slice it in half. Put the meat patty on it, add ketchup, a slice of cheese, lettuce, onions, mustard, tomatoes, then again cheese and lettuce and the top part of the bun. The burger is ready and looks amazing! Good luck!