Ariel Eric's Ex Problems


Ariel has a new boyfriend and she is super in love with him. They are really happy together but unfortunately for Ariel, Eric’s blogger ex-girlfriend keeps on posting fashionable outfits on her Instagram page and now Ariel is afraid that she isn’t cool enough for her boyfriend. She wants to imitate the style of Eric’s ex and she is going to need some help creating some outfits cool enough for her new boyfriend. Play Ariel Eric's Ex Problems here on our website and browse through the Instagram page, look at the outfits and then recreate them. Choose a wonderful hairstyle and then mix and match a wonderful top and a cute pair of shorts or a skirt. Accessorize the look and add a cool pair of heels. Now Ariel is just as fashionable but fortunately Eric has promised to love her for who she is. Have fun playing Ariel Eric's Ex Problems!