Ariel Gets Inked


Hey girls! The amazing princess Ariel has decided to get a tattoo and she would like your help with the design and the procedure. Can you help her? Start the game called Ariel Gets Inked and help her choose the best tattoo. There are three places where she can get a tattoo such as the upper arm, neck or inner arm. Pick the place you like best and then choose one of the twelve designs to tattoo on Ariel. You can choose a nice sea shell, a dolphin, fish or other great aquatic creatures. My suggestion is a beautiful red fish. In Ariel Gets Inked you will need to draw the design on a paper with a pencil and then add glue on top. Place the paper on the arm and transfer the tattoo to the skin. Remove the paper and then add the ink. Sterile and then add color. Enjoy the game called Ariel Gets Inked!