Ariel's Closet


Ariel loves collecting all kind of things from above the sea and she stores every souvenir, clothing item, makeup item or decoration in her room. She collected so many things that she barely have space for them, so Ariel sometimes can't find anything in her room. Today she is getting ready for an underwater party and she needs to prep up fast. Ariel is having a hard time finding the objects that she needs, so in this fun new Ariel's Closet game you need to help her find all the needed items and her ready for the party. She has to find her hairbrush, perfume, jewels and lucky seashell along with other items. Can you help her find them all? When you are done, help Ariel pick the perfect gown and matching jewels. She has to look perfect at this party. Have fun playing this new Ariel's Closet game!