Ariel's Underwater Salon


Ariel opened a new Underwater Salon and you can help her make the other princesses pretty in this new game called Ariel’s Underwater Salon. Her friends, Cinderella, Jasmine and Belle joined Ariel under the water for a full makeover. Ariel, with your help, will make them look like beautiful mermaids. You can pick witch one of the princesses to makeover first. Pick the one you like and get started. You will begin with the make-up. Help Ariel apply the make-up so that the princesses look super cute. Eye shadow, eye-liner, lipstick and concealer, everything a beautiful princess needs. After the make-up is finished, it’s time for the outfit. Pick a hairstyle and a cute mermaid top. After that, you’ll have to choose a mermaid tail. Pick the one that you like the most. Choose some accessories, and you are finished. It’s time to move to the next princess. Ariel is really happy that she has you to help her.