Ariels Wild Ocean Trend


Discover Ariel's Wild Ocean Trend and help this Little Mermaid get a fashionable look for this season! Ariel is a princess that has many connections to the underwater world, so she got very inspired by the wild ocean trend. She wants to try it herself and she needs your help! What this trend wants to portray is the beautiful and diverse wildlife in the depths of the oceans. Start with make-up and choose color combinations inspired by corals and water and make sure it's very glittery. For the nails you can use nail polish in different colors and get very creative with the coloring, you can add animal prints as patterns and algae, star fish or pearls as stickers. Finally you have to dress her up. Choose a bold new color and style for the hair and for her outfit you can choose a skirt with wave prints or purple pants with animal prints, a short green skirt with scales, an orange blouse looking like a sponge, or a pink top with seashells on the sides, beautiful dresses with embroidery and all kind of accessories to really complete this look. Have an amazing time playing Ariel's Wild Ocean Trend!